Program Submission Instructions

Fall 2004

This semester, we will be using the itcproj web based submission system to collect the programming assignments. Below are instructions on getting started and submitting programs.

Getting Started

First, go to and click on the "register" link. A window will come up asking for a username and password. The user name is ee306 and the password is yalepatt. The system will then ask for your name, user id, email, and a password. After providing this information, you will then be logged in and able to turn in your programs by uploading them. When returning to the website, you will be able to log in using the user id and password that you created.

Submitting Programming Assignments

To upload a file after logging in, simply hit the browse button. This will open a window that will show the files and directories in the local machine. Find the file you want to turn in and double click on that file. The upload page should now have this file in one of the "Source File" lines. Now, check all the boxes indicating that you have not cheated on this assignment. The final step is to click the upload button.

Checking and Deleting Assignments

At the bottom of the upload page is a link to the "File Manager Page." This page allows you to keep track of what files you have submitted and delete submitted files. You may check to see that you submitted the correct file by clicking on the View file link. You may submit an assignment as many times as you like. The newest version will be displayed at the top of the list, and this will be the version that will be graded.