Further Information on the Remedial Course: EE 309K

     EE309K Sections began meeting on September 14. The discussion sections 
     are as follows: 
          Tuesday (Siddharth Balwani)/Thursday (Tommy Buell)3:00-5:00 WEL 3.402
          Tuesday (Basit Sheikh)/Thursday (Rustam Miftakhutdinov)6:30-9:00 RLM 6.118
     Each student taking the course (formally or informally) must go to 
     one of the Tuesday sections and one of the Thursday sections. Pick the 
     one that suits you best.

Apparently, I was not as clear as I thought in my explanation of the remedial course, so I am using this mechanism to try to explain it to all of you again.

The remedial course, designated EE309K, is a 3 unit course, graded pass/fail. We will be able to admit 30 students. The course is specifically for bright students who are highly motivated and willing to work hard, but who will need extra help because of their inadequate preparation in critical skills before coming to UT. EE 309K will try to develop those skills which we believe will be necessary for success in 306 and in the courses which follow 306.

EE 309K will not count toward the bachelor's degree in engineering.

EE 309K will consist of extra discussion sections conducted by regular TAs. We will provide four extra discussion sections, one each on Tuesday late afternoon and evening, and Thursday late afternoon and evening. Each student enrolled in the course must attend one of the Tuesday sections and one of the Thursday sections. A student can attend both in the afternoon, both in the evening, or one of each. A student must attend two of the sections each week -- which two is totally up to the student.

There will be no letter grades issued for EE 309K. Students will receive a "pass" or a "fail" grade, based on attendance. The purpose of EE 309K is strictly to help the students do well in EE 306.

That is, EE 309K is NOT a substitute for EE 306 but a supplement. Those enrolled in EE 309K will still be enrolled in EE 306 and will attend the regular EE 306 lectures on Mondays and Wednesdays, and their regular discussion sections on Friday. They will still be required to complete all of the assignments/programs and take all of the tests as any other EE 306 student. Students will receive a letter grade in EE 306, based on their performance in EE 306, just like students not enrolled in EE 309K.

Students enrolled in EE 309K will drop one of their other courses, since EE 309K will require substantial effort, and the student needs to devote adequate time to it. Our intent is not to use EE 309K to overload the student's workload this semester.

Since we can accomodate only 30 students, we need a mechanism to select these students. If you wish to be considered for EE 309K, please print out the following form, fill it out, and give it to your TA at your Friday, September 3 recitation session.

We may also give a test on September 8, after class, to help us determine the 30 students to enroll. This test will be strictly for our use in evaluating whether a particular student can benefit or not from EE 309K, and will have no bearing on any grades in EE 306.

Finally, I have been asked by the undergraduate advising office to tell you to please NOT go there with questions about EE 309K, since they are swamped with too many other matters at the start of the semester.

Thank you,
Yale Patt

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