EE 306 - Programming Assignment 1 Regrade Policy

Fall 2004

Your grade for programming assignment 1 has been sent to the email address you registered with the program submission website. If you do not receive a grade, but you submitted a program, please send me an email.

We will be offering a regrade (at your TA's discretion) for program 1. The regrade policy is as follows (this policy is NOT flexible):

1. If you received a low grade due to MINOR errors in your program, you may request a regrade. This is NOT an opportunity to rewrite (or finish) your whole program.

2. If you would like to request a regrade, you must do the following:

   a. Print out a copy of the .bin file you submitted for pa1
   b. Write your name on your printout
   c. Mark on the printout the necessary corrections for your program to
      work correctly
   d. Take the printout to your TA during your TA's office hours and
      discuss the corrections with your TA

3. If your TA grants you a regrade, give him/her your corrected printout and email your TA your corrected onecount.bin file AS AN ATTACHMENT with the subject line LAB1 REGRADE. The file you email your TA must be named correctly (onecount.bin), and the only differences between your corrected file and the file you orginally submitted should be the ones indicated on your printout (we WILL be comparing the files).

4. The maximum score you can receive on a regrade is 70.

5. The deadline for emailing your TA your corrected onecount.bin file is 11:59pm TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 2004, NO exceptions.

If you have any questions about the regrade policy, please email