EE 360N - Programming Assignment 2 Clarifications

  1. MIO.EN signal is the Memory/IO enable signal. This needs to be asserted whenever the memory or the IO is accessed.

  2. The starter code provided to you for Lab Assignment 2 is NOT working on sunfire properly. We will appreciate if you can use one of the ECE-LRC Linux machines to work on your program instead of sunfire. You can access the linux machines from your home by using secure shell as before. The only difference will be the hostname. You can use instead of . You can also use linux02 - linux15 .

  3. The example posted on the web for Lab Assignment 2 had some errors. The cycle count was ahead one cycle and the bus contained unnecessary data. The correct version is now on the web.

  4. You can now submit from any linux machine as well. Please make sure your code compiles and runs from a linux machine.

  5. For this assignment, you can assume that the programmer will always give aligned addresses and your simulator does not need to worry about unaligned cases.