To all of you taking 360N this semester:

You know that our first midterm is coming up a week from Wednesday, so
I thought I would mention a few things that could be relevant.

1. The exam itself is closed book, but you are allowed to bring in three
sheets of paper with whatever you want written on it.  The sheets can be
as large as you want, and the writing as small as you want, BUT it all
has to be in your own HANDWRITING.  Computer printouts, faxes, etc. are
explicitly not allowed.  Obviously, communication with anyone other
than the instructor and TAs during the exam is explicitly prohibited.

2. If we think you need some piece of material to do one of the problems,
we will make copies of it for all of you.

3. You will not need a calculator or cell phone during the exam.  Please
leave these packed in your briefcase or backpack or whatever, totally out
of your ability to access.  Better yet, do not bring them into the exam room.

4. It looks like the first midterm will cover everything we have talked
about through caches.  We are falling a little behind where I thought
we would be by the midterm, but it is not a big deal.  I am pleased with
how much we are accomplishing thus far.

5. The exam will take place in the classroom, CPE 2.208 during class time.
I would like you take seats in alternate "columns" in the classroom.  That
is, please take a seat directly behind someone else.

6. In the past, students have asked me to hold a review session before the
midterm.  I am happy to do so, if you want it.  I will probably ask you on 
Wednesday, if you want it.  My review sessions work as follows: There is a 
start time, but no ending time.  I walk in, and ask, "Are there any questions?"
If there is a question, I answer it, and ask again, "Are there any questions?"
I will continue to answer questions, as long as there are questions, or until 
it gets so late, we are all too tired.  Students are free to come when they 
wish, leave when they wish, or not come at all.  This review session is 
strictly for your benefit.  If you find it useful, by all means, take 
advantage of it.  I may not answer a question if posed by a hot-shot just to 
let us all know he is in the room.  The purpose of the session is to clear up 
problems in your comprehension of fundamental things that I mistakenly think 
I have covered adequately (or even brilliantly!) in class.

7. If your question happens to be identical to one that we have put on the
midterm, I will answer it anyway.  That is, I will not volunteer anything,
but rather will respond to your questions.  In the past, students have asked
some questions that were exactly what was on the midterm, and other questions
that were conspicuously absent from the exam.  I answer all, best I can.  

8. If you want a review session, I recommend Sunday starting at 6pm.  We could
start earlier if people wish.  Generally they last a couple of hours, but I have
had them last as little as one hour or as much as seven hours.  By far, the
two to three hour shots seem to be the best, although I will stay as long as
people continue to find it beneficial.

See you in class.

Yale Patt

ps. If I left something out, I am sure one of my TAs will let me know,
in which case, there will be an update message.