The University has rescheduled Wednesday, December 7 classes after 2pm to
take place on Monday, December 12.  ...which means we will meet Monday,
December 12 at the regular time, in the regular classroom.
I plan to use the first part of our class time on Monday to close out
some loose ends that I think are important for you to be exposed to.
For example, I feel I went over the interconnection material too fast
at the end of class last Monday, so I want to do a more thorough job
of that.  I also want to show you at least one cache coherency technique
that is very common in multiprocessors today.  Then I would like to
point out some of the microarchitecture features of some current
high performance microprocessors.
None of these topics will be on the final exam.  I think we have plenty
of material already that we can use for the final.  Still, I would rather
not skip this material altogether since I think it is important to your
Computer Architecture foundation.

I was going to use the rest of the last lecture for my normal "free-for-all,"
where you are invited to ask me anything about anything, regardless how
far afield of 360N your question is.  Every class is different, but the
questions sometimes delve into things having nothing to do with computers,
let alone computer architecture.  My experience is that this is a fun
way to conclude each course, and students generally enjoy it.  I know I do.
However, given that the final exam is on Friday, December 15, and that
this is a time for you to focus on preparing for it, I have decided to
not do the "free-for-all."  If there is any time left over, I would rather
spend it starting our review session early and begin answering questions
dealing with stuff that you might see on the final exam.  If enough of
you want a free-for-all, perhaps we can arrange a time after finals, or
early next semester where we get together to do that.  But, I think
Monday is not the time for it.
Finally, there is the review session.  Overwhelmingly, almost all of you
wanted to have it Monday night, starting at 8pm.  That will still happen
as scheduled.
Enjoy the weekend.  See you on Monday.
Yale Patt