Well, you did it.  Completed the course, and in all but two cases,
successfully!  So, congratulations are in order.

Your grades on the final exam have been add to the posting of all
your marks.

The exams themselves are in my secretary's office.  You are welcome
to look over the exam in her office anytime between now and the end of
January.  Please do take the time to come by and look over your exam.
...for two reasons:

        1. If we made a mistake in grading, I want to correct it.
        2. If you check what you did wrong, it will be an important
           learning experience.

The process for examining your final exam is:

1. Show my secretary your UT ID and sign in on the register.
She will hand you the exam, which you can look at in her office.

2. Take as much time as you like.  Please do not make any marks on the

3. If you feel there has been an error in grading, tell her which problems
you think were misgraded.  She will note this on a post-it, and give me
the exam to look at.  In either case, return the exam to her.  Then sign out.

4. I will be in touch with you as soon as I can to resolve the discrepancy.

If you have already left for the semester break, do not worry.  You will
have until the end of January to look at the exam.  And, I am perfectly
willing to submit a grade change long after that, if there was a mistake.
Usually there isn't, but every now and then, there is.

Finally, some of you have asked about 382N, and are still unsure about
taking it.  What you have heard is true, it will be a lot of work.
However, students do survive it ...even some well-prepared undergraduates.
If you are thinking about it, and want to discuss it with me before signing
up, I am happy to try to scare you off!  ...or, encourage you to take it,
as the case may be.  There are good reasons to take the course, but until
you and I talk, I will not know whether these reasons apply to you.  I expect
to be around the entire semester break this year (a first!), so there should
be an opportunity to talk.  Best time is usually late afternoon or evening.

And, finally^2: Have a great semester break.  Do some relaxing, recharge
your batteries, etc. ...especially if you plan to be in 382N.  Watch some
football, if you are so inclined.  ...or, cricket, if you can get it piped

I hope you enjoyed the course.  I enjoyed teaching it.

Yale Patt