A student writes:

        Dr. Patt,
        I'm just about done with the compiler assignment,
        however i'm running across a weird problem. I developed
        my compiler code on linux01.ece.utexas.edu and it compiles
        beautifully and I submitted the assignment on sunfire as
        instructed. However, I attempted to compile it on
        sunfire.ece.utexas.edu and my compile failed. I noted this
        difference in my source code,

What difference?  It would have been easier to answer you if we could
see the difference you talk about.

I assume you used the -ansi flag when you compiled your program to
run on any linux/unix platform, as we asked you to do.

If you did use the -ansi flag, and the program fails to compile on sunfire
but compiles on a linux platform, please let us know.

        however i'm afraid the grader will attempt to compile this
        on sunfire for grading instead of a linux box and hence give
        me a failing lab grade.
        Any suggestions?
        <<name withheld to protect the "afraid" student>>

Yale Patt