I thought I made it clear in class on the first day, but apparently not.
So, I guess I either need to repeat myself, or plan on having to give
several grades of F in the course.

When you leave your files unprotected, and someone reads your file and
turns it in as their own work, you are guilty of cheating, and will receive
the same penalty as the person who turned in your work as their own.

Based on a conversation my TAs had with some students yesterday, my TAs
checked file protection of students in the class.  Within 10-15 minutes
of searching, they were able to find 14 students (out of the 20 that they
checked) whose lab 1 code could have been copied because their files were
readable by anyone.

Four students did not turn in the first lab.  Anyone wishing to read one
of these 14 students' files will incur a zero plus the loss of one or two
letter grades in the course for both themselves and the student who left
the file unprotected,

You are seniors and graduate students.  I would think that by now you
would know how to protect your files.  If you do not, then a quick trip
to the next TA's office hours might be a good decision on your part.

If anyone has any questions about this, please feel free to let me know.

Yale Patt