A student writes:
        Hello Professor Patt, I just don't now
        what problems are due on Wed (13th), I
        think I got the wrong homework and on the
        blackboard there is nothing, no
        assignment no syllabus. All the folders are empty. thank you

        <name withheld to protect the innocent>

Thank you for the question.  I thought it was clear from the time we
spent going over the course descriptor on the first day of class, but
I guess not.  No matter.  Let's move forward.

There is a home page for EE 306.  It is not part of Blackboard.  You can 
access it from my home page by clicking on EE 306 (Fall, 2006). Or you can 
access it directly (as stated on the course descriptor) using the following 


From there, you can click on Problem sets, Announcements, etc. and you 
should be able to find everything you need.

If you still have trouble, please get back to me, or see one of the TAs.

We may use Blackboard for certain activities later in the semester.  But
until we say otherwise, the best place to look for information about the 
course is the EE 306 home page.

Yale Patt