Veynu wrote:

        Remember the email you sent out asking students if moving the 
        lecture back half an hour would conflict with their schedules?  
        You told the students to contact me if they did have a conflict.  
        Well, it's been almost a week now (You sent it out last wednesday 
        Sep 20th) and I finally got 1 response today.  This is the student
        (the only student) who raised his hand when you brought this up in 
        class.  See his message below.


        Date:    Mon, September 25, 2006 2:55 pm
        To:      narasima@ece.utexas.edu
        Just wanted to reply to the Mon.-Wed. 3pm-3:30pm conflict email that 
        Dr.  P sent out. I don't have a problem with Mondays but on Wednesdays 
        that 30 minute break is all i have to get some grub (otherwise I would 
        have solid classes from 11am-5pm or 11am-4:30pm I suppose if the time 
        is moved up in EE306). However, responding to be able to work around 
        it, I suppose I could bring something with me in the morning and just 
        snack on it walking between classes on Wednesdays if necessary.

        <<name withheld to protect the one who raised his hand>>

So, if there really is no one who has a problem moving the class on Monday,
November 6 up a half hour, I would like to do that.  I have been asked to
attend an important meeting at IBM Yorktown on Tuesday, November 7.  It turns
out there is a flight that leaves Austin at 5:30pm on Monday that would work
perfectly, but ONLY if no student in 306 has a problem moving the class up
that day to 3pm to 4:15pm.

Before I call them back and tell them I changed my mind and will make it,
I want to be sure no one else has a problem with this.  Class is too important
to take casually.

Please let me know.

Yale Patt