A student writes:

        Dear Professor,

        I was wondering if on Friday we will still have a discussion
        session even though we have no new material.  Will we be going
        over the test, or is there no session at all?  Just so I can
        catch up on some sleep...and not  have to walk to the session
        to find out we dont have one.

        <<name withheld to protect one who does not want to walk unnecessarily>>

I thought I had mentioned this in class: Discussion sessions will be held
as usual tomorrow.  AND the TAs will introduce you to the LC-3 Simulator,
which is going to be  very important to your programming work through the
rest of the semester.  I think you will find it a useful investment of your
time to attend tomorrow's discussion session.  As always, you can go to hte
session that best suits you.

Yale Patt