A student writes:

        You told us that we could resubmit or first programs for up to half of
        the points recieved less than 100. I was just wondering how we're
        supposed to go about resubmitting because I go to the site and it says
        now accepting submitions for project 2. Should I just submit my new
        leftrotate.bin even though it says project two and because of the
        specific file name it won't be confused?

        thank you,
        <<name withheld to protect the student who should be working on PA 2>>

Check the Announcements page of the EE 306 web site.  You will see all the
information you need re: resubmitting PA 1.  If anything in that announcement
is unclear, please let me know.

You will be able to resubmit, starting Friday at noon until Sunday at 11:59pm.
Right now, it makes more sense for you to be working on the second program,
...which is due Thursday night at 11:59pm.

Good luck with the rest of the course.
Yale Patt