I have been told that the automatic grading script has been somewhat
harsh on the third programming assignment.  That is, some students
received a zero because a minor mistake in their program resulted in
nothing working.

While it is very important to test your program extensively before
submitting it, nonetheless, I want your grade to reflect your mastery
of the material, and not be subject to the ideosynchrasies of the data.

Therefore, if you genuinely believe your program was graded too harshly,
please do the following:

1. Show the program you submitted (not some updated one) to your TA,
either in his/her office hour or after the discussion session, whatever
is convenient for you and the TA.  

2. If the TA feels it is warranted, he will discuss it with me, and regrade
your program accordingly.

There is no urgency in you doing this.  In fact, I don't want you even 
thinking about this until after the second midterm.  All your energy ought
to go into preparing and taking the second midterm.  AFTER the second midterm,
any time in the following two weeks is fine for talking to your TA about 
re-examining the grade that was assigned for Program 3.  

Good luck on the exam on Wednesday.

Yale Patt