As I said in class today, I would like to meet with those students 
who demonstrated on the second exam that they are just not getting it.
My hope is that we can uncover some of your problems in time for you
to pull it all together for the final exam, and successfully pass the

Because of the large number of students in this situation, I would like
to try one-hour meeting with groups of ten students (max) over the next week.
This should be in addition to your regular discussion sessions and also
in addition to utilizing the TA office hours.

For those who have not left yet for Thanksgiving, I have set aside several
time slots to meet in my office on Tuesday (Nov 21) and Wednesday (Nov 22).
For those who prefer to wait until next week, I have set aside several time
slots on Monday (Nov 27), Tuesday (Nov 28), and Wednesday (Nov 29).  Next
week, I am going to try to reserve one of the small rooms on the second 
floor of Jester Hall.  Exact locations will be posted on the web by the
end of this week.

The time slots as of now are as follows:

        Tuesday, Nov 21: 5pm, 6pm.
        Wednesday, Nov 22: 5pm, 6pm.
        Monday, Nov 27: 5pm, 6pm, 8pm, 9pm.
        Tuesday, Nov 28: 6pm, 8pm, 9pm.
        Wednesday, Nov 29: 6pm.

If we need to add more one-hour meetings, I will do so as needed.

Sign-up sheets for all the one-hour meetings are on the door outside my
office.  You will note that there is room for ten students max in each
time slot.

Signing up for one of these sessions is strictly voluntary.  It is not
at all required.  It is also the case that these sessions are designed
to help the students who are in serious danger of failing the course.  
If your grade was above 40 on the second midterm, you should not sign up
for one of these meetings.

Please bring your exam to the meeting.  I may want to look at what you did

For all of you, have a great Thanksgiving.  For all who will be in class
in spirit on Wednesday, I hope the time away from campus will recharge
your energy, so you will be able to go full speed the rest of the semester.

Yale Patt