It is now Monday night, and most of you are done with finals, and already
home enjoying the fact that there are no more problem sets or programs due.

And, I have already received several emails asking when the grades will be
posted, etc.  So, let me say the following:

The final exam has been graded and final grades in the course have been
assigned.  However, due to a glitch in the system, the grades have not been
submitted to the Registrar as yet.  We hope to have that corrected tomorrow
(Tuesday).  My guess is that your letter grade in the course will be viewable 
by Wednesday or Thursday.  Meanwhile, you can see your final exam grade on 

You can also look at your graded exam in my secretary's office (541 ENS)
anytime she is in.  Usually that means from 8 am to 5pm, unless she is at
lunch or on an errand.  I STRONGLY encourage you to look at your exam
carefully for two reasons.  (1) Going over your exam will reinforce your
understanding of the course material.  Seeing what you did wrong, and how 
to do it right will improve what you got out of the course.  (2) I may have 
made an error in grading your exam.  Contrary to popular mythology, I am not 
perfect.  If I made a mistake grading your exam, I want to correct it.  
It might make a difference in your final grade.  This is not an invitation 
to grub for points.  You know the difference and I know the difference.  
But, if you genuinely feel I made a mistake, I want to be able to correct it.

The process for looking at your final exam is as follows:

1. Visit my secretary's office during regular business hours between now and
the end of January.  If you are not in Austin right now, do not worry.  This
can wait until you get back.

2. Leticia will check your id, sign you in, and give you your exam to look at.

3. You will not take the exam from her office or write on it.  You can look at
it as long as you wish.  When you are done, you will return the exam to her
and she will sign you out.

4. If you feel there has been an error in grading, you will so inform her,
indicating which problems were graded incorrectly.  She will attach a post-it
with this information and give it to me.

5. I will look at your exam and determine what remedy is appropriate.  I may
want to talk to you about it.  If warranted, I will change your letter grade
in the course.

Have a great semester break, and plan on coming back to school in January
with renewed energy.

Good luck.  Happy Holidays.

Yale Patt