I submitted the final grades for EE 306 earlier this evening.
I have no idea how long it takes for the Registrar to make them
available to you, probably within the next day or two.

Some of you may be pleasantly surprised with your final grade.  Please
know that I did not "give" you this grade -- you earned it.  A large
number of you did demonstrate on the final exam that you understood the
material much better than what you showed on the midterms, and as I have
told you all semester, that is what we were looking for.

Incidentally, anyone who has additional particular insights or criticisms
of EE 306, feel free to let me know, either in person or via email.  I am
always interested in doing this job better, and if you are able to provide
insights, I am willing to listen.

Also, you may see me from time to time having dinner in Jester 2nd floor
or Kinsolving.  I am a Faculty Fellow in our UT Residence Program.  If you
wish, please feel free to join me for dinner.  Also, if a group of you 
want to pre-arrange dinner some evening in Jester or Kinsolving, let me
know.  If I am able to, I would enjoy that.

To all of you, enjoy the semester break, and come back in January ready
to build on the foundation we tried to develop in EE 306.

Best wishes,
Yale Patt