Programming Assignment 1 Regrade Policy

Submission Procedure and Deadline: AFTER the deadline for submitting Programming Assignment 2 has passed, you may, if you wish, resubmit your Programming Assignment 1. This is completely optional.

Starting Friday at noon, until Sunday, October 29 at 11:59pm, you can resubmit Programming Assignment 1 on the submission page by following the same procedure you followed in your original submission. You will not be able to see your original submission because we have recorded it elsewhere.

The file you resubmit must be written in LC-3 machine language and should still be named leftrotate.bin.

Grading: We will regrade your resubmitted (and hopefully corrected) Programming Assignment 1. Your final grade will be the average of your original grade and your new grade. For example, if your original submission received a grade of 10, but you fixed your program and your resubmission receives a grade of 100, your final grade for Programming Assignment 1 would be 55.

Special Grading: It may be the case that a very small error in your program caused you to lose many points on your original grade. For example, if the only error you made was that you forgot to store the rotated result into memory location x3102, you would have received a very low grade. For such special cases, we will likely assign you a higher grade than just the average of your old grade and new grade. However, to be considered for this, in addition to resubmitting your program on the submission page, you must also email your TA an explanation of the small error that was present in your original program and how you fixed it. We will determine on a case by case basis whether or not you should receive more points than the average of your original and new grades.

Note: Please do not use this "Special Grading" as a license to grub for points. The intent here is to catch cases where the grading was too harsh, when in fact the only mistake the student made was a careless error.

While it is true that there is no excuse for careless errors since you can catch them by properly testing your program on the Simulator, we do recognize that this was your first experience with machine language, and so we are cutting you some slack. From here on, we do expect you to test your program before submission so this sort of thing does not happen again.