Further Information on the Remedial Office Hour

To my students in EE 306:

From past experience with EE 306, I know that there may be some in the 
class who are very smart, and willing to work very hard, but have had 
inadequate preparation to pursue some of the challenges of the UT 
undergraduate curriculum.  The College of Engineering offers a GE course 
to help students with Calculus, for example.  I would like to provide 
extra help with 306.

Starting next week (September 19), we will have an extra tutoring session
from 2 to 4pm every Tuesday afternoon in Room PAR 8A.  One of my TAs (Lisa)
will conduct the session.  If we find we need to expand the time, or add more
TAs to this, we will do so.

The objective is provide extra help to those who feel they need extra help
in building some of the basic skills needed in 306.  These are skills that 
should have been acquired in high school but were not acquired through no 
fault of yours.  

If this message rings true to you, feel free to see Lisa on Tuesdays.

Good luck with EE 306.  It is my intent to surprise you all with how much
you learn this semester.

Yale Patt