grading of the second program

I just discovered tonight that what I thought was completely clear on the
Lab 2 Assignment sheet was not so clear.  Of the 57 groups (87 students)
who turned in programs, 25 groups interpreted Clarification #1 to mean
do nothing about the TRAP instruction other than set PC=0, and 8 additional
groups interpreted it to mean ignore the TRAP instruction entirely.  If you 
look at Clarification #2, it says: You do not have to implement the RTI 
instruction for this lab.  

So, I thought it was clear.  RTI: ignore.  TRAP: implement instruction, but
not the TRAP routines.

Last year, everyone interpreted the meaning of the clarifications correctly.
This year, only 24 groups did so.

So, what to do.  In the interest of promoting deep understanding, I will
accept a resubmission for regrade of program 2.  Instructions for that
resubmission will be posted by Monday night.

Also, I see no difference between the incorrect interpretation of the 25
groups and the incorrect interpretation of the 8 groups.  So, I will 
independently adjust upward the points earned by the 8 groups who
interpreted Clarification #1 to mean ignore the TRAP instruction completely.
The new grades (pre-resubmission) will be emailed on Monday also.

Good luck with the third Programming Assignment.

Yale Patt

ps. There are currently 88 students enrolled.  The one who did not submit
Program 2 should make it a point to see me as soon as possible.