Some definitions to help you in your studying...

What I do several days before each exam is provide a set of buzzwords on
topics that were covered during class.  My way of reminding you of all those
nuggets of knowledge we uncovered during my many meanderings in class.

Those who were with me in 306 may remember this.  The difference between 
306 and 360n so far, however, is that in 306 you had a textbook to look 
up the buzzwords, and in 360n, the best you can do is look them up in the 
recommended books that some of you may or may not have.

So, what I started doing last year is annotate the buzzwords with some
explanation that I hope will make the concept clearer.

The buzzwords listed below are those recorded by the TAs from my lectures
thus far.  The TAs provide the list.  My job is to do the annotating.

What I have done below is put a * if the buzzword was annotated last year.
Those can be found on a separate list on our course website.  If the buzzword 
was not annotated last year, then I have attempted to explain it below.

Two caveats:

1. The list is long.

2. I am tired, and have not proofread what I have written, so some of these
explanations may be unhelpful.  Wherever that is the case, I expect some of
you to holler, and I will correct it as quickly as I can.  I felt it was more
important to get this in your hands now than wait until I carefully proofed it.

So, here they are.

Yale Patt

The buzzwords from this email are posted on a separate page.