what will be provided so we don't have to copy *everything*

A student writes:

	Hi Dr. Patt,

	I was working on the problem set and studying for the midterm with my
	group and was planning on making my 3 reference sheets, but I'm 
	if anything will be provided for us. For example, will the data path of
	the LC-3b be provided? The state diagram? Etc..

	Thanks for your reply,


	<<name withheld to protect the student who wants to study, not copy>>

Our intent, as I think you know by now, is to not encourage memorization.
So, we will give you everything we think you NEED for the exam that you
could have gotten by memorizing.  Surely, if we ask you anything about the
LC-3b data path, we will include the data path in the exam.  If anything
about the ISA, we will include the one page format sheet on the ISA.
If anything on the control, we will include the state machine.

Many students don't even prepare three sheets, although it is useful to allow
it if for no other reason than a better sense of security.  If I did not allow
it, too many students would memorize far too much, and I do not want that.

Good luck on the mid-term.

Yale Patt