A student writes

	Hi Dr. Patt,

	I am currently in your EE360N class and I saw this 
	on the ECE website: An
	Analysis of the Effects of Miss Clustering on the Cost of a Cache Miss

	I'm wondering if it's a topic that I could possibly make sense of at the
	talk, or is it something that is too complicated for me to understand. I
	remember at the beginning of the semester, you told us that you'd let us
	know if you recommended attending any of the seminars, so I'm trying to
	find out about this one.



	<<name withheld to protect the student who has time to go to seminars>>

Thanks for the message.  I was thinking of telling you all about all the
computer architecture seminars this week, and then decided there are just
too many and you have courses to work on and I could not decide which to

Your message changed my mind.  So, here goes.

The week is going to be inordinately filled with good seminars.  The one 
you mentioned, the faculty candidate talks tomorrow and Wednesday at 2pm,
Burtscher's talk tomorrow around noon, and Ben Sander's talk on Wednesday
at 1pm on BArcelona, the latest AMD quad-core processor chip.  5 in 3 days!

Yup, it is a shame you have to take courses.  You could make seminars a full
time job.

I guess I won't recommend any one over any other.  Certainly you will "get it"
better after 360N than right now. But you could get something useful out of
them and so, I would rather say, read the abstracts, and if you see one or
more that look intriguing, take a shot at going.  

See you in class.

Yale Patt