You MUST protect your files

One of my TAs noticed that some of you are not protecting your files.
I thought I already made the point in class that if you have the solution
to a programming assignment in one of your directories, AND it is not
protected (that is, someone else can read it), AND someone does read it, 
copies it, and submits it, then you are just as guilty of cheating as he is.

The good news is you will only get a zero on the assignment, and the loss
of a letter grade in the course, rather than 30 years in a US prison, which
is what you would get if you worked for the government and left classified
material unprotected.

Cheating consists of using the work of others where not allowed.  Cheating 
also consists of not properly protecting your own work so that others can not 
read it.  That means not leaving a copy lying around where someone can steal it.  
Or, having it in a file that someone else can access.

If you do not know how to protect your files in Linux, or how to deny others
access to your work from a Windows machine in LRC, please ask one of the TAs
or me or some other student who you trust.  It takes very little time or
effort to do this.  If you don't, you are setting yourself up.  And, "I didn't 
know" is not a valid excuse.

Good luck completing the first programming assignment.

Yale Patt