Lab Assignment 1 Regrade Instructions

Lab 1 has been graded and the grades have been emailed to each student. As discussed in class, the regrades will be processed in two phases: first the unfairly penalized cases, and then general resubmissions.

In both cases, only you and your original partner may modify your originally submitted files!

Unfairly Penalized Cases

Deadline: Tuesday, February 13th at 11:59pm

We consider an assembler.c submission unfairly penalized if one or more small errors in it were caught by a large number of test cases (ten or more). The typical errors are:

  1. Hard coded input/output file name(s)
  2. Invalid output file format
  3. Wrong assumptions about the input file format
  4. No return 0 or exit(0) at the end of main() function

If you think your assembler.c program was unfairly penalized, please send an email to Rustam at with a list of the bugs and two attached C programs, the original submission and the corrected version. Do not fix any bugs that do not fall into the “unfairly penalized” category as defined above! You will be able to fix any other bugs in a general resubmission. The deadline for this email is Tuesday, February 13th at 11:59pm.

We will not consider any mul.asm files unfairly penalized.

Your grade for Lab 1 will be replaced with the grade earned by the corrected version, perhaps minus a small number of points (depending on the number and nature of fixed errors). This grade will count as the original grade for the purposes of general resubmission described below.

General Resubmissions

Deadline: Thursday, February 15th at 11:59pm

You may resubmit your solution to Lab 1 for a regrade under the following conditions:

  1. You are eligible to receive one half of the points you lost, i.e. your final grade will be the arithmetic mean of the original grade and the regrade score.

    Thus, if your original grade was 50, and your resubmission is perfect, you will receive an additional 25 points for a total grade of 75.

  2. You must follow the same submission instructions provided with the original Lab 1. You should submit your files using the submit-ee360n script.

    Note that you will have to submit both files (assembler.c and mul.asm) for a regrade. So even if only your assembly language program is changed, you will have to resubmit your assembler also.

  3. You may submit your new files anytime starting Wednesday, February 14th 12:00pm (noon) until Thursday, February 15th 11:59pm.

    Under no circumstances will files submitted after the deadline be considered for a regrade!

  4. Please compile and test your program before submitting, on any ECE linux machine (linux01 - This is the platform we will be using to test your program. If your new files generate compile errors or segmentation faults, your regrade score will be 0 (for that part).

  5. Many people have lost points in mul.asm. Please make sure that your mul.asm assembles correctly with the assembler we provided. At this point you can also test the program in your Lab 2 simulator to make sure it also produces the correct results.