Lab Assignment 2 Regrade Instructions

Lab 2 has been graded and the grades have been emailed to each student.

You may resubmit your solution to Lab 2 for a regrade under the following conditions:

  1. You should modify the file you submitted originally without the aid of anyone else except your original partner.

  2. You are eligible to receive at least one-half of the points you lost, i.e. your final grade will be the arithmetic mean of the original grade and the regrade score.

    Thus, if your original grade was a 50, and your resubmission is perfect, you will receive an additional 25 points for a total grade of 75.

  3. You must follow the same submission instructions provided with the original Lab 2. You should submit your file using the submit-ee360n script.

  4. You may submit your new files anytime starting Wednesday, February 21st 12:00pm (noon) until Thursday, February 22nd 11:59pm.

    Under no circumstances will files submitted after the deadline be considered for a regrade!

  5. Please make sure that you implement the TRAP instruction as the LC-3b ISA defines in Appendix A.

  6. Please compile and test your program before submitting, on any ECE linux machine (linux01 - This is the platform we will be using to test your program. If your new files generate compile errors or segmentation faults, your regrade score will be 0 (for that part).