Sat, 31 Jan 2009, 22:06

A student writes:

	Hi Dr. Patt.

	Two questions to clarify lab 1's instructions, if I may:

	- We can assume that there are no line breaks between labels and 
	their corresponding opcodes in LC-3 assembly language programs, 

Right.  I have been chewing on allowing some additional assembly language
structures in the LC-3b Assembly Language, but for now: Yes, if there is no
label, the first token encountered (after blanks) is the opcode.  If there is
a label, then the next thing encountered (must be on the same line) is the
opcode.  A newline specifies a new instruction.

	- In the "Clarifications" page, you mention that trap vectors and
	shift amounts must be positive. They can also be 0, as indicated in
	the ISA, right?

	<<name withheld to protect the student who knows 0 is not a positive no.

Right. trapvectors and shift amounts can be zero.  Yes, the statement should
be (will be :-) ) corrected to say that they must be non-negative.

Good luck getting the first programming lab done before the deadline.

Yale Patt