Sat, 7 Feb 2009, 00:57

One more point on the case-sensitivity question: If the student had read the
assignment, he would have seen the statement, "The parser function given in 
the useful code page converts every line into lower case before parsing it."

So, if he did happen to want to (for some masochistic reason) generate
a program containing:

			BR  sTuDeNt
		StUdEnT Add R1,r2,R3

the parser function would, before parsing it, convert it to 

			br  student
		student add r1,r2,r3

Poof!  Problem has just disappeared.

Please, when you have a question, the first step is to READ the assignment.
The second step is to try a test case.

Good luck finishing the assignment by Sunday night.

Yale Patt