Sun, 8 Feb 2009, 03:40

A student writes:

	Hey Dr. Patt!

Hey Student!!

	My lab partner and I were just reading the notes on lab 1 assignment 
	and we wanted to ask about TRAP.

"Just reading" - the night before it is due?  :-(

	It says that other TRAP commands  like GETC,IN,OUT,PUTS,etc do not 
	have to be recognized by the assembler.

What it is saying is that the Assembler needs to recognize the assembly
language statement HALT, but not the assembly language statements GETC, IN,
OUT, PUTS, etc.  

	On that note, I was wondering if the assembler still needed to recognize
	TRAPs in the form of  TRAP x19, TRAP x23, etc.

Absolutely.  So, for example, none of our test programs will contain PUTS,
but may certainly contain TRAP x22.  Also, our test programs may contain
HALT and may also contain TRAP x25.  I decided not to require you to recognize
GETC, IN, etc. to save you some tedium.  

	Thanks very much for your help!

	<<name withheld to protect the first student to find this ambiguous>> 

Good luck finishing the lab tonight (Sunday).

Yale Patt