Sun, 8 Feb 2009, 15:39

A student writes:

	Dr. Patt

	I'm not sure whether this is a bug, or is it intentional, or whether I'm
	using the function incorrectly, but readAndParse doesn't seems to 
	register the return key ('\r') correctly when parsing the string, 
	causing problems when the line looks something like:

	[rest of example deleted so as to not waste everyone's time]

Looks like you are writing your program from Windows and then porting to
linux.  Have you read the short page on the class web page about porting
from Windows to Linux.  Not rocket science, but it will save you some
headaches.  It talks about common things to pay attention to.

Did you ask the TA about this during the discussion section on Thursday
or Friday?  Did you ask a TA about this during his office hours?  Did you
peruse the 360N web site, looking to see if anything will help?  

Good luck finishing this by midnight tonight.

Yale Patt

	<<name withheld to protect...>