Fri, 20 Feb 2009, 01:03

Well, HPCA is over and I am back.  ...unless Khubaib did so good that you
would rather I didn't come back.

A few of you were disappointed with your grade on the first programming
lab.  Since it was the first one, we will cut you some slack on this one 
only, as follows:

If you believe your program did not work due to a few careless, simple 
mistakes, please do the following:

1. Make the changes to the original program that you feel will correct 
the few, careless, simple mistakes.  

2. Email Khubaib the new program, along with the list of changes.  

3. We will compare your original program to the new program, and confirm 
that each of the changes you made is on the list.  If you make any change 
and you do not put it on the list, we will not regrade the program.

4. If we agree that the list represents "a few, careless, simple mistakes," we 
will re-grade the new program as if it were the first program you submitted,
and without penalty.

If you believe your program did not work due to a more serious problem,
you should fix the program and resubmit it.  We will then grade it.  Your
grade for lab 1 will be the average of your grade on the original submission
and your grade on your "fixed" submission.

In both cases, detailed submission instructions will be posted on the web

See you in class on Monday.  The next topic is physical memory.

Yale Patt