Fri, 30th Aug 2013, 02:48

My students in EE 306,

I just wanted to take a moment to welcome you to EE 306.  Some of you may
not be able to read this until after the discussion session today, but that
is fine.  I want to again impress upon you that it is not important whether
you know anything about computers today.  It is very important what you
know at the end of this semester.  It will be a lot of work, but I hope it
will also be a lot of fun.  I am looking forward to helping you understand
a lot about computers and their programming this semester.  Good luck with
the course.

Starting next week, all the TAs will have office hours.  Their times are
posted on the class web site which you should check if you haven't as yet.
We will use the web site to convey a lot of information that you will need
to do the work throughout the semester.  Plan on checking the website for
new announcements at least every other day.

Starting the week after that (September 10 and 12), we will start conducting
remedial sessions for those who feel they need it.  If you don't feel you need
it, please do not come.  These sessions are not for the B student trying to
earn an A.  They are for the student who comes to UT with weak preparation in
the foundation courses, and can use the extra sessions to make up for what
he/she should have learned in high school.  The pace in those sessions may
be slow, but they will be thorough.

Enjoy the Labor Day weekend.  I will see you in class next Wednesday.

Good luck,
Yale Patt