Wed, 11 Sep 2013, 23:18

A student went to office hours of one my TAs to ask about calculating
the bias.  My TA calculated the bias for an 11 bit exponent and came
up with 1023, not 2047, as I had written in my email on floating point
that I sent you Monday night.  So, she wrote to me wondering whether
she had made some mistake.  Nope!  My TA was absolutely correct, she
calcuated the bias for an 11 bit exponent correctly: 1023.

That is, 2^11 = 2048, the halfway point (10000000000) is 1024, and
therefore 01111111111 = 1023.

So, please correct this in your notes.  And, I apologize for confusing
you.  I do need to keep my brain engaged as long as I am typing.

See you on Monday.

Yale Patt