Tue, 24 Sep 2013, 10:38

A student sent me email.  He did not address it to me, but since
he emailed it to me, I am guessing he meant it for me.

> Hi, I'm in your EE 306 class. I'm one of the students who have not received
> their homework grades yet. I was just wandering if you knew when they would
> be posted on blackboard?
> Thanks
> <<name withheld to protect one who is unclear about who his email is for>>

The grades were posted to BlackBoard before class on Monday. If you 
have checked your grade on BlackBoard since class on Monday and it is 
missing, the most likely reason is that your problem set was one of 
the few which didn't have a name on it. Please see Ben in his office 
hours and he will sort it out.

Good luck with problem set 2 and the rest of EE 306.

Yale Patt