Mon, 30 Sep 2013, 23:08

My students in EE306,

 Attached is the flow chart we produced together in class today.
Note one change: One of the students noted that my bug that we
fixed at the end if the longest string happened to end at bit[0]
could be handled by a 17th iteration, where we know the high bit
would be 0, and we could then compare that string (in R2) with
the previously saved longest string (in R1).

On Wednesday, I plan to start by answering any questions about
this flow chart, and then generating the actual 0s and 1s that
constitute this program, starting with the first instruction in
location x3000.

After that we will talk some more about the LC-3 and hopefully
work another example that introduces some more opcodes we have
not seen yet.

See you on Wednesday.

Yale Patt