Fri, 18 Oct 2013, 00:44

No sooner do I send out the email hoping to settle some anxieties caused by
a simple mistake resulting in a 0 on program 1 than I get the following email.

A student writes:

> Hi Dr. Patt, 
> After I finished typing program 1 I went back and initialized register 7 
> and forgot to adjust the offset for that extra instruction. I went back 
> into the program and changed the offset on my store instruction so that 
> it stored the result in x3101. I resubmitted my program 1 with this change. 
> Thank you. 
> <<name withheld to protect the student who won't wait until next week>>

I appreciate your enthusiasm to correct program 1 and get it out of the way.
I don't wish to be harsh, but unfortunately, I have 384 students in the class, 
and so I either have to have you all follow a single process OR I will go 
crazy trying to manage individual variations.

As I said, this week is for completing Programming Lab 2.  The purpose of my
memo was to help you stop worrying about the 0 you got in Program 1 so you can
focus on Program 2.  I thought I clearly stated that I wanted you to focus
this week on Program 2 and next Monday we would provide detailed instructions  
on how to re-submit Program 1.  I did not think I was inviting you to email me
the corrections you made to program 1 tonight.

In the case of the email above, I have deleted his message and his resubmission.
I hope he will follow the detailed instructions for resubmission that we post 
next Monday.

Please concentrate right now on Program 2.  Next Monday, you will see 
instructions on the website for resubmitting Program 1. 

Good luck completing Program 2 on time, and resubmitting Program 1 next week
if you feel it is necessary.

Yale Patt