Fri, 18 Oct 2013, 01:19

My students,

Sorry to bother you with more of this stuff, but since it might be
helpful to some, I am forwarding it.

> Dear Professor Patt,
> Hello, this is ********* from your 302 class. I received a 0/90 for my 
> first programming assignment and I realized my mistake. I did not name 
> the program properly (I named it Lab_01 instead of count) and did not 
> realize this until I looked at the assignment again. Is it fine if I can 
> resubmit using the corrected name? I understand if I am deducted points 
> since I did not follow the instructions clearly. Thank You.
> Sincerely,
> <<name withheld to protect the student who accuses me of teaching 302>>

The purpose of Programming Lab 0 was to make sure this did not happen.
But it did in several cases.  If you are one of them, and this was the only
problem with your submission, you will be able to resubmit along with an email 
telling us what the problem was.  In this case, the problem was sloppiness, 
which I find difficult to excuse, given the number of students in the class,
and my not unreasonable expectation that you can read the directions.  So,
unlike an incorrect program that is incorrect due to one or two lines of code,
which will lose 10 points, a program with an incorrect file name will lose
25 points.  

Good luck with Program 2.

Yale Patt