Sun, 20 Oct 2013, 12:31

My students, 

Every semester, we get some students who do not read the instructions
carefully and end up with no file submitted with the correct name,
and the correct file submitted with an incorrect name.  Unfortunately, when
we grade your submission, we look for a file with the correct name, and if
we can't find it, we can not grade it.

Hopefully, the message below will help make that not be the case for you!

A student writes:

> Good morning Doctor Patt, I'm ******* ******, a student from your EE 306 
> class. I commend you and the TA for idiot-proofing the program submission 
> process. Unfortunately this idiot still seemed to mess it up (I refer to 
> myself). But only slightly. When I renamed my program file, I renamed it 
> "schedule.asm" rather than "schedule", which would already have the .asm 
> file type. So I submitted it as such, and a red exclamation point appeared 
> on the Svn folder I keep my submitted programs in, not good. But, when 
> I went to verify that my program has been submitted on the webpage, sure 
> enough it was there. But it was not titled "schedule.asm", it was instead 
> called "schedule.asm.asm". I opened the file to be sure, and thankfully 
> "schedule.asm.asm" contained my program, however an empty file titled 
> "schedule.asm" is in the project 2 file in addition to my program. Is it 
> necessary for me to retitle my program, or should I just suck it up and 
> take 25 point penalty for failing to submit properly?
> <<name withheld to protect one who names his program and himself incorrectly>>

I guess the answer to your question is, "You decide."  There is no penalty 
for resubmitting before the deadline.  We grade only your final submission.

Would it help your decision process if you got a 0 if we can not find
"schedule.asm" when we look for a file to grade?

Good luck with whatever you do.

Yale Patt