Fri, 6 Dec 2013, 00:36

My students,

Email from a student about the logistics of the final exam.  I was going
to wait until I had all the information in hand, but his email tells me
that I should tell you what I already know.  ...and some other stuff 
I know, as well!

> Hi Dr. Patt
> I just want to confirm with you that the uniform exam for EE306 is Dec 13 @
> 7PM-10PM @ various rooms.

Indeed the Registrar's announcement is correct: December 13, 7-10pm, in
various rooms.  The Registrar's announcement about a makeup exam is incorrect.
There is no scheduled makeup exam.

> Just in case I somehow missed out, what are the rooming assignments (if
> they already have been assigned)?

They have not been assigned yet, because I do not have enough information yet
to do so.  There are more students registered than there are seats available!  
However, I have signed several Q-drops this week so I know we will have enough 
seats once these Q-drops are posted.  Once that happens, and I know the *real*
number of students taking the exam, I will post who goes to what room.  
I should have that information (I hope) by Wednesday.

> Do we provide our own blue books or are the exam materials all provided for
> us, as with the previous midterms?

The exam materials follow the same model as the midterms.  We will provide
the exam; your job is to answer the questions on the exam itself.  You can
bring in 3 sheets of paper in your own handwriting.  That should eliminate
unnecessary memorizing.  The sheets can be as large as you wish, the writing
can be as small as you wish.  My only stipulation is it must be in YOUR 
handwriting.  I have no desire to encourage a cottage industry in 
"cheat sheets."

> Thanks
> <<name withheld to protect the student who is getting ready for the final>>

Also, a number of students who have three finals on Friday, December 13 (302,
306, and a math course) came to my office yesterday to ask if anything could
be done.  I talked to Professor Yu last night, the lead professor in EE 302.  
He immediately requested larger rooms.  He sent me email earlier today that he
has obtained larger rooms for the 302 make up exam, so those students scheduled
for three exams on Friday will be allowed to take the 302 makeup exam.  Those 
involved should thank Professor Yu for his conscientious helpfulness.

Good luck on the final exam.

Yale Patt