Fri, 6 Dec 2013, 00:47

My students,

I do not know how many of you got the word, but relevant administrators
at UT will meet at 4am this morning to determine whether the adverse 
weather justifies shutting down the university tomorrow.  I will make
no comment, other than to say you should check the university website,
TV and radio stations for their final word.

If the university is closed tomorrow, Monday will be the last day of
classes.  If that happens, please make it a point to attend the TA's
discussion section so (a) you can get some last minute questions
answered, and (b) you can perform the evaluation of your TA.

In any case, be sure to dress properly for the weather.  It has been crazy
lately, making it too easy to get sick.  AND, sick is not what you want to
be next week!

Good luck with the last program and the final exam.

Yale Patt