Sun, 8 Dec 2013, 23:23

My students,

A student writes, and in fact puts ***** where is name is to be helpful,
which does indeed save me having to do it:

> Dear Professor Patt,
> Hello, this is ***** from your 306 class. I wanted to know when would the
> solutions for Problem Set 6 will be available online? Since I've been
> working on it for a while, I believe it would be effective if I could check
> my answers earlier this week instead of waiting for the solutions to be
> posted the day before the finals. I know you are extremely busy but I will
> appreciate if the solutions for the problem sets wasn't posted a day or two
> before Friday. Thank you for your time Professor Patt and I hope you had a
> great weekend!
> In best regards,
> <<name withheld to protect the student who is nicely prodding me and my TAs>>

Of course we are busy, but we are all busy.  Second, how can I have a great
weekend when I have a final exam to prepare?  Third, the solution sheet to
Problem set 6 will be posted on the web page tomorrow (Monday).

Good luck on the final exam.

Yale Patt