Wed, 18 Dec 2013, 22:43

My students,

Some students checked earlier and their final grades were not yet posted.
I am not sure where the bottleneck is.  I turned the grades in last night
around 10pm.  In any case, the grades have now been posted by the registrar.
If you can not see yours, please let me know.

The final exams, as you know, are in my secretary's office.  Please be sure
to examine yours.  We have already found three grading errors so such things
do happen, and I do not want you penalized for my grading errors.  Curiously,
none of them changed the student's final grade in the course.  But that does
not mean it couldn't happen.  So, please check your final exam.  If you have
already left Austin, no problem.  You will be able to look at your exam any
time in January.

The final exam scores are on Blackboard, so you can at least know what your
grade on the final exam was if you have left Austin for the semester break

Finally, I am happy to talk to you about your grade in 306, what comes next
in school, or anything else you wish to talk about.  Just come by my office,
or better yet send me email to make sure I will be there when you arrive.
I am staying in Austin over the break, but may work at home a lot since I have
a lot to do over the break.

Have a restful semester break, and come back in January ready to perform at 
your best.

Yale Patt