Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

The University of Texas at Austin

EE 306, Fall 2013
Programming Assignment 0
Due: October 1st, 11:59 pm
Yale N. Patt, Instructor
TAs:Ben Lin, Mochamad Asri, Ameya Chaudhari, Nikhil Garg, Lauren Guckert,
        Jack Koenig, Saijel Mokashi, Sruti Nuthalapati, Sparsh Singhai, Jiajun Wang

You must do every programming assignment by yourself. You are permitted to get help ONLY from the TAs and the instructor.

Submitting Lab Assignments

Your Job: Follow the submission instructions to download the project directory for Project 0. Open the file "costume.txt" in the "project0" directory. In the file write your answer, in 10 words or fewer, to the question: What should be Dr. Patt's Halloween costume?

Save the file and commit (upload) it back to the SVN server. Verify that your file has been correctly submitted as directed on the submissions webpage.

Note: The login name for submission is your UT EID. The password is NOT the same as your UT EID password. To get the password for EE306 project submission, login to Blackboard and look in the grades section.