Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

The University of Texas at Austin

EE 306, Fall 2013
Programming Assignment 1 Regrade
Due: 27th October, 11:59 pm
Yale Patt, Instructor
TAs:Ben Lin, Mochamad Asri, Ameya Chaudhari, Nikhil Garg, Lauren Guckert,
        Jack Koenig, Saijel Mokashi, Sruti Nuthalapati, Sparsh Singhai, Jiajun Wang


As Dr. Patt said in the class, there are three cases for the regrade:

  1. If you had named your file something other than count.bin, you must send an email mentioning the file name you used for submission. This file will be used to regrade your assignment. You will lose 25% (or 22.5 points) from your score on this file.

  2. If you make minor changes (e.g., adding/fixing an instruction to store the result in x3101), you must send an email explaining what you fixed as specified in the instructions below. If we agree that what you fixed was minor, you can get up to 90% (that is 81 points).

    Note: If adding or removing an instruction needs you to change the offsets in other instructions, the change in offsets due to the inserted/deleted instruction will not be considered as an additional fix.

  3. If you make significant changes, (e.g. you rewrite the whole program), you should NOT send any emails. You will get the average of the new grade and the original grade.


If you had named the file something other than count.bin:

If you need to make any changes to your program before resubmission:


  1. Do not email if you rewrote your program or changed it substantially.

  2. A minor change regrade applies to an absolute maximum of two lines of code.

  3. If you decide to email, please adhere to the above guidelines. Emails not following it will be ignored.

  4. Be sure your submission is done by the deadline, October 27, 11:59pm.