EE 306 - Programming Assignment 4

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

The University of Texas at Austin

EE 306, Fall 2013
Programming Assignment 4
Due: November 27, 11:59 pm
Yale N. Patt, Instructor
TAs:Ben Lin, Mochamad Asri, Ameya Chaudhari, Nikhil Garg, Lauren Guckert,
        Jack Koenig, Saijel Mokashi, Sruti Nuthalapati, Sparsh Singhai, Jiajun Wang

You must do the programming assignment by yourself. You are permitted to get help ONLY from the TAs and the instructor. When you have completed the program, and tested it sufficiently so that you are comfortable that it works on any input, submit it for grading according to the instructions. Submit your program at the end of this handout.

The fourth programming assignment is to write a two-person game program that you can show your parents and play with your friends when you go home for Thanksgiving. You have two choices, and you will get full credit for successfully completing one of them, independent of which one you choose to do. The two games are Connect-4 and Nim. Full specifications for the two game programs are contained in Connect-4 and Nim. We are told that the Connect-4 program is the more challenging of the two. It is completely up to you which you choose. A perfectly working Nim program will receive 100, while a half-working Connect-4 program will receive at most 50, so use your own judgment as to which program you attempt.

Only submit one of the two programs. If you submit something for both, your nim.asm will be graded, no exceptions. You can either delete the other file, or leave it blank.