Fri, 1 Feb 2013, 23:41

The email from a student shown below prompts me to remind you that we have 
added an extra 6 hours of TA office hours this weekend only to handle last 
minute question on the first lab assignment, due late Sunday night.

Stephen: Saturday, 11am to 1pm.
Sumedha: Saturday, 3pm to 5pm.
Faruk: Sunday, 4pm to 6pm.

Please take advantage of them if you need to.

Meanwhile, the student who wrote:

> Dr. Patt,
> Are the useful functions toNum and readAndParse that we were provided to us
> compatible with ANSI-C? I compiled using the command "gcc -lm -ansi -o
> assemble assembler.c" then executed the command "./assemble toupper.asm
> output.obj" but I am getting an "invalid hex operand, x3000" error in the
> toNum function. Are there libraries which I need to link for this function
> to work properly when using gcc to compile?
> Thanks,
> <<name withheld to protect the student who is getting an invalid hex operand>>

I was swamped with too much to do so I asked one of my TAs to handle it.
He responded with: Yes, the code we provided is compatible with ANSI C, 
and there should not be anything special you need to do to get it to compile 
and work correctly.  However, because I cannot see what you are doing wrong 
over email, you should come in to office hours so a TA can take a look. 

My TA's response was exactly right.  It is often the case that sitting down 
with a TA is much more effective than email, since the TA can look at what 
you have done and ask you questions as he/she is doing so.

Good luck getting this in on time.

Yale Patt