Thu, 7 Feb 2013, 01:38

A student writes:

> Dear Prof Patt,
> I just graded myself for Lab2 and I lost 4 marks due to a typo error in my
> code (20 instead of 0x20).
>Is there a plan for allowing a 2nd submission for lab 2 as well. The rise
> of 2 marks might be insignificant in terms of the final grade but it will
> give me personal satisfaction regarding reaching the perfect score.
> Regards
> <<name withheld to protect the student who has not read the instructions>>
(...or at least, I don't think he read the instructions if I am understanding
his question.)

Yes, you will get a free test on all the programs.  ...and the TAs and 
I encourage you run that test early, but NOT too early.  That is, early 
enough that you have already put a lot of effort into it but still have 
time to make serious corrections to your program, but not so early that 
you have not done enough and so are really wasting the test.  The instructions 
(the same as with Lab1) are spelled out in the Submission instructions.

Good luck submitting a perfect job for grading.

Yale Patt