Thu, 7 Feb 2013, 02:55

Aha!  I misinterpreted the student's question.  So he wrote again:

> Dear Prof Patt,
> I have actually completed my grade step. I had already used the test option
> earlier in the day. At that point I found a bug in my code which I thought
> was the root cause of my incorrect answers. During the grade step although
> my marks increased but not fully due to the typo error I had.
> In Lab1 you are allowing a second submission after 10th so that students
> can improve their score. I was asking if there was something similar for
> Lab2 as well. The grade increase for me might be insignificant, but just
> for the personal satisfaction of writing the perfect code. I am okay if
> there is no such 2nd submission for Lab2.
> ...
> Regards
> <<name withheld to protect the student who wants a perfect score>>
Thank you for the follow-up message.  I missed what you were getting at.
The bad news is that I only intended the extra chance on the first lab
to try to get everyone off on a solid footing.  The reason for not allowing
it on the rest of the labs is based on my experience in this course that
if we did, students would find themselves getting further and further behind
as they tried to maximize performance on a lab at the expense of major 
comprehension on the next task.  Since I do not want that mushrooming effect
to happen, and since I have seen it happen far too many times, it seemed 
best (and still does) to not allow it beyond the first lab.

Good luck with the rest of the course.  Please strive for perfect 
understanding, not perfect grade.  They are often not the same.

Yale Patt