Fri, 1 Feb 2013, 03:01

A student writes:

> Dr. Patt,
> Recently found out that ansi c will not compile // style comments, choosing
> to give a cryptic error message instead. I do not know whether or not this
> is common knowledge. It may be a beneficial piece of information for other
> students working on this.
> <<name withheld to protect the student wishing to be helpful>>

Thank you for the email.  Yes, this is true.  For those not aware of it,
single line comments of the form // comment will produce an error message.

Standard C comments of the form /* comment */  are okay.  

I should also note that if anyone is having trouble with C itself, a few 
minutes with a TA is often enough time to clear things up.

Good luck finishing the first programming lab by Sunday night.

Yale Patt