Tue, 5 Feb 2013, 01:00

A student writes:

> Hi Dr. Patt,
> I did not do too well with the first lab, unfortunately, and wanted to take
> the opportunity to work on it for a possible better grade, which you
> graciously offered in class.
> When is the "due date" on this opportunity or does it have a due date?
> Thank you,
> <<name withheld to protect the student who wants to continue working on lab1>>

Thanks for the question. I did not mention a due date in class today
and I should have.  I do not want you working on lab 1 until after lab
2 is done, since if you let lab 2 slide, you could easily create an unwelcome
domino effect.

Lab 2 is due next Sunday night February 10.  As soon as we turn off the
submission page for it, we will re-enable the test and submission for Lab 1.
You will then have one week, until Sunday night, February 17 to submit your
Lab 1 for regrade.  During that window, the 10th until the 17th, you are 
free to submit Lab 1 for testing twice, prior to submitting for regrade
provided that two full days elapse between the two submissions for test.
That is, if you do not submit for test until the 16th, say, you will only
get one test.

Good luck with improving your understanding of Lab 1.  And, please do not
neglect Lab 2 right now.  It is not a difficult lab, you are simulating only 
at the ISA level, but it is will take more than a couple of hours.

Yale Patt